Day 1- sunrise

So before I get too involved let me explain the day 1 part of the title this month I’m doing a project called capture your grief to help not only with my personal healing but to remember and honor our five little angels. here’s the link for more info

Honestly I wasn’t going to participate today since I got to bed extremely late,but someone had better plans for me and wanted to make sure I did participate. I will say I’m glad that I did wake up, it was so nice just sitting outside listening to the birds and crickets and watching the darkness melt away. I thought about how Cya loved to go sit outside and just listen to the sounds. I also thought about what a sunrise symbolizes, the dawn of a new day. I find sunrises absolutely beautiful, I think its God’s way of giving us something to hang onto regardless of which direction our day takes us. I’ve learned since my miscarriages and Cya’s passing that there is always a sunrise no matter if it’s storming or clear skies there is beauty in it all. Each day God gives a new beginning to refresh and renew ourselves. I hope you all found beauty today whether its clear skies or storming like crazy. Hang onto God until tomorrow’s sunrise 🙂



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